Chouettes chaussures!

Here’s a tonguetwister for you!

Chouettes chaussures!


Nice shoes!

Start nice and slow…then try to work up a head of steam! See how many times you can say it, pronouncing carefully, before you start tangling the syllables.

Chouette is a widely-used adjective meaning nice, pretty, or sometimes even cool. It can also be a noun, meaning owl! (There’s another word for owl, too.) Calling something chouette has nothing to do with owls, though.

There are two words for shoe, as well. Chaussure is one of them. The other is soulier (soo-leeYAY), which implies sturdy work shoes rather than shoes for everyday wear.

And by the way, there’s no good word for tonguetwister in French. It’s just une phrase très difficile à prononcer (ewn FRAHZ tray dee-fee-SEEL ah proh-naw-SAY): a phrase that’s very difficult to say.

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