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Welcome to the French Market page of Spk Frnch!

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If you have a French-related event to publicize, you can submit your link or ad here by e-mailing it to

That means an event relating to the French language, any Francophone country, the culture of French-speaking countries, French cuisine, wine tastings, or whatever!

We are looking for dated events, not random links to other websites.

And here’s the best part:

If admission to your event is free, your ad is free!

If you are charging a fee for admission, your fee is the price of one individual admission. For example, if it costs $10 or less to get in, your cost is $10. If your admission fee is $25, your cost is $25. If you are a restaurant, or if you have a more creative idea, make us an offer!

And…We are going to assume that the higher the cost of admission, the more elaborate your event, and the longer your ad can be. Administrator’s right of approval will be exercised, and your ad may be edited.

So if you are sponsoring a special French wine tasting, French conversational get-together, restaurant dinner featuring regional French cuisine, travelogue on St. Martin, or what-have-you, please email us at We want to make you more visible!

Your ad will be both prominently featured in the French Market and sent out as one Spk Frnch post.

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