Thanks for visiting the Spk Frnch community!

Are you looking for a little more help on grammar? Spk Frnch won’t replace your textbook, your DVDs, or your online language program. But we can help shed a little light on some of the sticky points.

You’ll notice that the Categories in the drop-down list in the sidebar represent grammar points that are included or discussed in the phrases. Just click on the point of grammar you would like to explore (“pronouns”, for example) and the posts will sort themselves into a list of articles about pronouns and phrases that include pronouns.

Even in a post where the pronouns are not specifically discussed, you may find that the phrases give you models of correct use that will help you determine when something “just sounds right”.

Whether you are trying to master French grammar, love linguistic trivia, or just want to check up on me and see if I got it right, you can use Spk Frnch to expand your world!

Leave a comment. Tell me if you think I’ve made a mistake, forgotten a great expression, left out something you’d like to learn, don’t understand something, or want to start a conversation with other readers. Feel free to suggest new tags or categories, too!

You can always lurk, too. But then no one will ever know what you are thinking!


4 responses to “Grammar

  1. “Boisseau”

    How do you pronounce this?

  2. I can’t find the drop down menu for the grammar section! Please let me know if I’m missing something or if it has disappeared. Thanks! PS: Love the site!

    • Hi, Callie! I need to remove that page…I stopped adding tags and categories to the posts some time ago, so the Grammar page no longer has a reason for being (or raison d’être…). Thanks for calling it to my attention! And keep reading…I’m so glad you are enjoying Spk Frnch!

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