Jour de tweets à Paris

Jour de tweets à Paris

zhoor duh twee tah paa-REE. Click below to hear this. 

Day of tweets in Paris.

jdtap-posterI wish I were in Paris today! The Mairie de Paris (Office of the Mayor of Paris) has declared April 19 un jour de tweets à Paris. All day, les twitteurs (people who use Twitter) are invited to tweet their love for Paris using the hashtag #jdtap. They are hoping to produce a verbal, lyrical snapshot of one day all over Paris.

Even more cool, half-a-dozen public squares are featuring a “town crier” (un crieur) who is reading the tweets out loud all day. What a festive way to celebrate April in Paris–everyone’s favorite month in one of the world’s most beloved cities!

The idea was inspired, apparently, by a short book by Georges Pérec called Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien, or Attempt to describe exhaustively a Parisian locale, in which he sat in the Place Saint-Sulpice for a day and described everything he saw and heard. This was published in 1975, so it took close to 40 years and a complete technological revolution to attempt a replication of the experiment.

Here’s a link to the webpage of la Mairie de Paris, with a description of the project, and it even has a basic guide to Twitter (in French)!

But I should get offline here and let you read some of these tweets for yourself! One more thing before I go: the official word for hashtag is dièse. The tag itself, #jdtap, is pronounced /deeEZZ-zhee-day-tay-ah-pay/. If you don’t “do” Twitter, you can still enjoy the tweets. Just Google #jdtap, or click on this link. It will take you straight to the Twitter page. See if you can find the tweet from Spk Frnch (@spkfrnch)!


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  1. All the twitter buzz around #jdtap is catured here, have a look: A quick summary with more that 800 Photos, 8801 Tweets, 56 Videos & 4174 Contributors.

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