Un Congé sabbatique

Un Congé sabbatique

uh kaw-zhay sah-bah-TEEK 

A sabbatical leave.

Sandra, a faithful reader, asked where I am. Êtes-vous en vacances? she wants to know. Thank you for asking, Sandra! No, I’m not on vacation (en vacances), and I’m not sick (malade), thank heavens. I applied to myself for a sabbatical (un congé sabbatique) from this blog. It took some time for my guilty conscience (ma mauvaise conscience) to approve it, but the papers finally came through. 

So what am I going to do with myself? I have become deeply involved with a project that feels very important to me. The Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church is kicking off a program of teaching Spanish to  English speakers throughout the Conference. The goal is at least one Spanish class in 100 churches by the end of calendar year 2014. If we have 20 participants in each class, that will be 2000 people learning at least 100 words of Spanish each.

And not just any Spanish. These classes will focus on “radical hospitality”–the kind that makes us go out of our way to make our neighbors feel good. They center in on the question “Who is my neighbor?” And the answer is Everyone (Tout le monde). We are setting out to change ourselves, and in so doing, to transform the world.

Since I have been immersed in writing curriculum in Spanish for the last several months, my head isn’t functioning so well in French for the moment. More to the point, my free time has evaporated. That’s not a complaint, but a fact.

I will be back! And I hope to drop in from time to time to write a random post here and there. So if you want to keep in touch with Spk Frnch, I invite you (if you haven’t already done so) to sign up to receive an email notification whenever there is a new post on the blog.

If you would like to know more about radical hospitality and the Spanish program of the United Methodist Church, you can go to http://www.umcnic.org. If you want to read the story of the Good Samaritan, where the question “Who is my neighbor?” originated, go to Luke 10:25-37 in your Bible, or click here.

Thank you for reading Spk Frnch! See you again around the corner!


2 responses to “Un Congé sabbatique

  1. Good for you, Ruth! Sounds like a wonderful project.

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