La Soupe au lait (recette en français)

La Soupe au lait (recette en français)

lah soo poh lay (ruh-say tah frah-SAY). Click below to hear this. 

Milk soup (recipe in French)

In my last post, I told you how to say that someone is very quick-tempered, and it turned out to have more to do with cooking than with people. So here is the recipe I promised. This is only one among hundreds, so feel free to play with it!

Ingrédients :

1 petit oignon
1 blanc de poireau
1 carotte
1 petite branche de céleri
30 g de beurre
1 c. à soupe rase de farine
1/2 litre de lait entier
quelques branches de cerfeuil
noix muscade
sel, poivre

Méthode :

1. Epluchez l’oignon, le blanc de poireau, la carotte et le céleri. Coupez-les en tout petits dés.
2. Faites fondre 20 g de beurre dans une casserole assez grande et faites-y revenir les légumes jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient bien fondus, mais sans les laisser colorer. Poudrez avec la farine, mélangez sans laisser roussir.
3. Mouillez avec le lait, salez, poivrez, râpez un peu de noix muscade.
Laissez frémir 20 mn, en mélangeant souvent pour que la soupe ne se sauve pas.
4. Versez la soupe dans une soupière chaude, incorporez une petite noix de beurre frais et parsemez de cerfeuil.

A few notes: le cerfeuil is chervil. It’s an herb widely used in France, but not easily found fresh in the US, at least not where I live. Used the dried herb, or substitute your favorite herb for garnishing.

Frémir literally means to tremble, which is an apt description of what your soupshould be doing while it is simmering. It should not be actively bubbling, just sort of shivering to heat it slowly and gently. And keep stirring, as the recipe tells you to do, because otherwise la soupe se sauverathe soup will save itself. In other words, it will escape–from the pot. It will boil over.

As for the bread I told you was an essential part of this soup…you can pour the soup over toasted French country-style bread, serve the toasted slices alongside, top with croutons, or blend toasted breadcrumbs into the soup. Just be sure to use day-old bread, so it won’t get too soggy in the soup. For more versions of this soup, just Google “soupe au lait recette”.

And remember the trick I told you about in my last post? Leave your long-handled wooden spoon standing in the pot, or lay it across the top of the pot, to keep the soup inside where it belongs. Follow this link to learn why that works.

Alternate link to audio file: la-soupe-au-lait-recette


2 responses to “La Soupe au lait (recette en français)

  1. This recipe look interesting, I would like to try it! Thanks for posting it, and also thank you for your blog. As a beginning French student, I find your entries very helpful and interesting. Your blog certainly enriches my studies!

    • So glad you are enjoying the blog, Sandra! Please feel free to propose any questions or topics you would like to see covered. And let us all know how your soup turns out!

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