Le film sera tourné à Chicago.

Le film sera tourné à Chicago.

luh feelm srah toor-nay ah shee-kah-GO. Click below to hear this. 

The film will be shot in Chicago.

Some films are so bad that they deserve to be shot at dawn. Indeed, why wait till dawn? Just get it over with.


But the good ones are merely shot with a camera. In English, anyway. French ones aren’t shot at all–they are turnedtournés. Which makes sense, when you think about movie cameras, with their big reels mounted on top.

Nowadays, I suppose, some films are tournés in digital. No more scissors or razor blades or whatever they use to cut frames, no more scraps of film on the cutting room floor, no more splicing tape. But we still hope for a good job of editing, which is what they should have done with Krakatoa, East of Java, possibly the worst movie we ever saw. It was 131 very long minutes of exploding volcanoes and flowing lava. 

Alternate audio file link: le-film-sera-tourne-a-chicago


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