…l’Oscar du meilleur second rôle féminin…

…l’Oscar du meilleur second rôle féminin…

…loh-scaar dew may-yuhr suh-gaw roll fay-mee-NAA… Click below to hear this. 

the Oscar for the best actress in a supporting role…

Last night–February 24, 2013–was the Oscars, that is, the ceremony where the Oscars are awarded to the “best” everything in the movies. Not everyone enjoys the over-the-top glamour, the bad jokes, the fumbling breathless speeches thanking everyone under the sun, the too-short film clips, the outrageous gowns that could not possibly be comfortable. Plus it’s loooong.

But if you like the movies, it’s fun to know who won what. Here’s a tweet in French from last evening:

RT @BFMTV: Anne Hathaway a remporté l’Oscar du meilleur second rôle féminin dans “Les Misérables”. #Oscars #Hathaway

Just for fun, I thought I would deconstruct the tweet for those of you who don’t do Twitter.

RT: means “retweet”. If you like what someone said, you can send it out again so that even more people will see it.

@BFMTV: the username of the person or organization who sent the original tweet. All usernames are preceded with @, to identify them as names as opposed to a random collection of letter. This blog is @spkfrnch on Twitter.

Anne Hathaway a remporté…: The message itself. The total message, including punctuation, spaces, usernames, and everything else, cannot exceed 140 characters. Keeps posters from long-winded rants, and poses a challenge to word-lovers and puzzlers.

Translation of the message: Anne Hathaway got (literally, carried away) the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role (literally, of the second feminine rolein “Les Misérables”.

#Oscars #Hathaway: These are called hashtags in English. It’s really just a way to designate a search term. By clicking on the hashtags, you can find what other tweeters are saying about the same topic. As for French, both France and Québec have organizations that encourage the purity of the language (which means discouraging anglicisms, among other goals). So in France, #Oscars is un mot-dièse, whereas in Québec they favor un mot-clic.

Just in case you were wondering, les mot-dièse that I use most often on Twitter for Spk Frnch are #FrenchIsFun, #frenchaudio, and (if I have room!) #frenchexpression. Look me up!

Alternate audio file link: loscar-du-meilleur-second-role-feminin


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