Donnez un coup de neuf à votre sofa.

Donnez un coup de neuf à votre sofa.

duh-nay uh kood nuh fah vuh-truh soh-FAH. Click below to hear this. 

Spruce up your sofa.

I was reminded of this expression while reading an article about redecorating on the cheap, a concept that appeals to me. So I went online and found a photo of a sofa that I thought needed a lot of help. Is this one ugly enough?

old sofa

How about un jeté de lit? That’s a bedspread or a throw. Is this any better?


Still looks pretty “busy” to me. What about des coussinscoussins-last3

Hmmm. Not enough.


I think this sofa will need 
beaucoup de coussins

By now, you have figured out that un coup de neuf has nothing to do with spruce trees. Donner un coup de neuf means to give a touch of the new to something. Make it look new, freshen it up, “fluff” it, as designers say these days.

But I think this sofa is beyond help. Even this won’t help:


I recommend un sofa neuf ultra-moderne, comme ça:


Alternate audio file link: un-coup-de-neuf

One response to “Donnez un coup de neuf à votre sofa.

  1. Well written blog. keep it up!

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