J’aime le poisson.

J’aime le poisson.

zhemm luh pwah-SAW. Click below to hear all of these expressions. 

I like fish.

Doesn’t that look yummy? Here’s where you’ll find the recipe. I can’t wait to make it!

But there’s a lot more we can say about fish. For instance:

J’aime les poissons. zhemm lay pwah-SAW. I like fish.

fish decorations

That’s why I collect them.

Or this: Je voudrais du poisson. zhuh voo-dray dew pwah-SAW. I would like some fish.

DandJ Bistro Menu

I am scanning the menu, and thinking out loud. What am I in the mood to eat tonight? I know it will be good, because I am at my favorite restaurant.

Or this: Je prends le thon. zhuh prahl taw. I’ll have the tuna.

Menu Marked Up

Not just any fish. This fish. I have made up my mind and I’m ordering.

And finally: Ce poisson est délicieux! suh pwah-saw ay day-lee-seeUH! This fish is delicious!

And we have gone full circle.

Alternate audio file link: jaime-le-poisson

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