Ça sort du train-train quotidien!

Ça sort du train-train quotidien!

sah sore dew traa-traa koh-tee-deeAA! Click below to hear this. 

That’s a change from the same-old-same-old!

Such a fun, rich expression! Le train-train is the daily routine. It has nothing to do with trains, even if riding a train is part of your routine. It refers to the repetitive, unvarying sequence of events that make up your day, strung together like train cars. The French have another expression for it: métro-boulot-dodo, and just the other day I saw a “green”, more eco-friendly version: boulot-vélo-dodo, which tells us that the speaker rides a bike to work instead of the Métro.

And quotidien? Who needs a big word like that? Sorry, we’re all stuck with it. It comes from Latin, and simply means daily. Of course there are other expressions to express the idea of daily, but some of them have just as many syllables.

Today’s expression says that something out of the ordinary is happening. You see that verb sortir? That’s to leave, to go out of. Your ordinary day may be boring or interesting or comfortable or difficult, but it’s your train-train quotidien. Today I wish you something about which you can exclaim Wow! (Yes, French speakers do say wow!) Ça sort du train-train quotidien! Something fun and pleasant, of course.

Alternate audio file link: train-train-quotidien

2 responses to “Ça sort du train-train quotidien!

  1. Merci!
    c’est un bon phrase que je viens d’utiliser !

  2. Train-train quotidien is not derogatory, but it is generally not something one looks forward to. The opposite expression ça sort du train-train quotidien is also neither good or bad but is at least interesting.

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