Ça va bon train.

Ça va bon train.

sah vah baw TRAA. Click below to hear this. 

We’re making good progress.

As long as we’re talking about trains… You don’t remember? It was just yesterday! As I say, about trains: here’s another expression. It makes no sense at all, when translated literally. It’s going good train.

But le train is not just an engine pulling cars in French. It’s a lot more: your lifestyle, your progress, your dirty socks on the floor. Traîner, you see, means to drag, to leave lying around, to hang around. So when you say ça va bon train, it’s like saying things are going along at a pretty good clip. In other words, you are pleased with the progress that you are making. It can even mean that your progress is gaining momentum.

Progress in what? Could be anything from designing a new house, unpacking boxes after a move, or running a new-member campaign, to raising money for a charity, cooking for a banquet, or planning an overhaul in the office. Whatever long, drawn-out project you are involved in could go bon train, and you hope it does. How about your New Year’s resolutions?

Alternate audio file link: ca-va-bon-train

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