Il a pris le train en marche.

Il a pris le train en marche.

ee lah pree luh traaa ah MAARSH. Click below to hear this. 

He jumped on the bandwagon.

Does anyone even know what a bandwagon is, anymore? I mean in the literal sense. I’ve never seen one. Originally, it was a fancy wagon for a band of musicians to ride on, in a circus parade for instance. Tall, colorful, sure to attract attention. And maybe it was the custom for people to jump onto the wagon to ride with the musicians, to show their enthusiasm.

However that may be, the surviving sense of the expression jump on the bandwagon is to join the crowds, doing the most popular thing of the moent. It could be wearing tall boots with short skirts, flavoring everything with bacon, dancing “Gangnam” style, or opposing tax breaks for the middle classes. Everybody’s doing it!

In French, the image is of jumping onto a moving trainEn marche is the word you use in French to indicate that a vehicle, a plan, a procedure, a game, an engine, pretty much anything that moves, is underway and in motion. Is it a good idea to prendre le train en marche? Sometimes. But it can have disastrous consequences. Look before you leap. Do you really want to go where this train is headed?

Alternate audio file link: il-a-pris-le-train-en-marche


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