Les enfants trépignent d’anticipation.

Les enfants trépignent d’anticipation.

lay zah-fah tray-peen-yuh dah-tee-see-pah-seeYAW. Click below to hear this. 

The children are prancing with excitement.

It happens a lot around this time of the year! Children who awaken once every hour on Christmas Eve. Children who can’t wait to see their cousins. Children who know that restaurant meals, gifts, travel, new places, swimming pools, great big beds, and other out-of-the-ordinary activities are in the offing. They are like horses pawing the ground, eager to be on their way.

Trépigner is the verb that means to stamp one’s feet, or to paw the ground. It is, in fact, used for horses, but also for people. That’s the easy part. There are several words for excitement, however, and that’s where we have to be a little careful. Some of them imply sexual excitement, some don’t, and some can go either way. In this case, it is advisable to stick with words like anticipation or joie. 

In any case, Spk Frnch has been on vacation and will continue to be for several more days, so I hope you will forgive the infrequency of posts. Stay tuned…we’ll be back in full swing soon!

Alternate audio file link: les-enfants-trepignent-danticipation

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