Attention, tu chiffonnes ma robe!

Attention, tu chiffonnes ma robe!

aa-tah-seeYAW, tew shee-fun mah RUB! Click below to hear this. 

Careful, you’re rumpling my dress! 

Whether it was at a wedding, a prom, a trip to the Oscars ceremony, or while wearing an ordinary linen dress that requires ironing as soon as you so much as look at it, almost every girl has probably said this at least once.

Un chiffon is a rag, and nobody cares if it’s rumpled or not. You can use un chiffon to dust the furniture, wipe down the kitchen counter, wash the floor, or mop up a spill–preferably not the same chiffon for all. If you rumple a dress, you make it look like a rag, instead of the beautiful work of art that it is supposed to be. It no longer drapes properly, it no longer looks cared for, it no longer enhances the woman wearing it. It reflects badly on her because it appears that she doesn’t care how she looks.

My wedding day was so hot that, by the time we reached the church, my dress (lovingly made for me by my Mother) was so chiffonnée that they had to take me next door to the sexton’s house. They undressed me, the sexton’s wife re-ironed the dress, and they re-fastened the 40 or so buttons up the back. I was ready.

Alternate audio file link: attention-tu-chiffonnes-ma-robe

One response to “Attention, tu chiffonnes ma robe!

  1. Well I remember that day. How delightful to see it recorded here! Love you.

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