Dans la nanotechnologie, on voit grand.

Dans la nanotechnologie, on voit grand.

dah lah naa-no-teck-no-lo-zhee, aw vwah GRAH. Click below to hear this. 

In nanotechnology, they think big.

Nanotechnology is a big deal these days. The number of scientific articles in the field has grown by the thousands in just a few years. But what is it?

This fellow, right here, can explain it for you. He is a dwarf, in French un nain. blanche-neige-le-nain-atchoumHis name comes from the Latin nanus, which in turn comes from the Greek nanos, which means small. So la nanotechnologie is the science of tiny things.

Just how small is small? According to Wikipedia, a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. A meter, for those of us who belong to the only country in the world that doesn’t routinely use the metric system, is slightly more than a yard: 39-3/8 inches.

Believe it or not, nanotechnology is used in fields ranging from medicine to sociology, from finance to electronics. If you are interested, there’s a long and detailed article on Wikipedia here: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanotechnologie. Lots of details, a chronology, a history of the field, and much more.



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