J’ai un ordi neuf.

J’ai un ordi neuf.

zhay uh nor-dee NUHF. Click below to hear this.

I have a new computer.

The only excitement here–at least from the French point of view–is the adjective at the end of the sentence. If I say that I have un nouvel ordi, I am saying that it is new to me. That’s what I would say about a used model (I’m buying it from my next-door neighbor) or about an old model (I’m not buying the most recent model). That goes for cars, computers, and all sorts of commodities.

On the other hand, if I say that I have un ordi neuf, it is not only new to me but also brand-spanking-new. That’s what I have: a new model Lenovo Ideapad Yoga. I am typing my post on it right now, having found the international keyboard and WordPress and Evernote and all the other tools I use to write my posts. All except the ability to record an audio file, that is. If I can’t find that by tomorrow, I’ll post the sound file from my trusty BlackBerry. No, I am not turning my back on that!

So if I were buying a car, it would be une voiture neuve or une voiture nouvelle (or une nouvelle voiture). But since un ordi is short for un ordinateur (a computer), which is masculine, we use the masculine forms of the adjectives. Oh, and by the way, mon ordi neuf is portable, which is an Americanism for portatif, the proper native French word for portable. In other words , it’s a laptop. And in case you were wondering, I am excited about it!

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


One response to “J’ai un ordi neuf.

  1. Congratulations on your new laptop! I hope it will give you good service for a long, long time.

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