Il a fait les frais de ses propres gaffes.

Il a fait les frais de ses gaffes.

ee lah fay lay fraid say GAAF. Click below to hear this.*

He paid the price for his blunders.

If you “open mouth, insert foot”, you are going to end up with a bad taste in your mouth. Speaking out of turn, giving away secrets, asking awkward questions are only a few of the ways we have available to us to make a serious blunder.

So what happens when we succumb to temptation, or speak without thinking? We pay the price. We suffer the consequences. We bear the cost.

It’s interesting that both the English and the French favor an expression having to do with money. The French, faire les frais de, literally means make the expenses of, which doesn’t make much sense at all in English–probably because faire, make, is such a namby-pamby verb. It means everything and nothing.

As for une gaffe, that’s a big mistake or blunder. The word has some other meanings too, but we’ll save them for another day.

Watch for my next post, for another very different meaning for the same expression!

Some mobile devices may not display the audio player correctly. If you don’t see a player, here’s an alternative link to the sound file: il_a_fait_les_frais_de_ses_gaffes


One response to “Il a fait les frais de ses propres gaffes.

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