Tu n’as pas branché ton ordi!

Tu n’as pas branché ton ordi!

tew nah pah brah-shay taw nor-DEE! Click below to hear this.*

You haven’t plugged in your computer!

What do you do when your new computer doesn’t work?

You call your best friend, the computer wizard. She pokes a few keys, switches it on and off, peers at the back of it. And then she pronounces the fateful words: Tu n’as pas branché ton ordi! she holds up the missing power cord while you smack your forehead in that universal can’t-believe-my-own-stupidity gesture.

Brancher means to plug in. As a tree grows limbs, appliances of every kind once sprouted power cords. In this day and age of connectivity, brancher also means to connect. So even when you are connected wirelessly to people around the world, you are wired, or connected. You are branché(e). But you are still going to have to get your electricity from somewhere.

Yesterday, “European French Male” pronounced the day’s phrase for you. Today it’s “European French Female.” What do you think of her?

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:



2 responses to “Tu n’as pas branché ton ordi!

  1. About the new voices you are trying out: They seem to speak a little faster than you did, which makes it a little harder to follow in longer phrases. Maybe there’s some good reason to go with the anonymous male or female but I prefer to hear you. Other than that, I think I prefer the female speaker because she sounds more like I would if I could speak French than the male does….It seems as if today’s speaker accents the first syllable of “ordi” instead of the second as I would have expected. Is that because “ordi” has become such an accepted stand-in for “ordinateur” these days that the pronunciation rules have changed??….Thanks for all the interesting phrases lately. I was especially glad to know about the “sparadraps.” Maybe some sort of pine pitch was used back in the Middle Ages to make a cloth bandage stick like the modern descendent Band-aids.

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