Les climato-sceptiques ont bonne presse.

Les climato-sceptiques ont bonne presse.

lay klee-mah-toe-sep-tee kaw bun PRESS. Click below to hear this.*

Climate change sceptics are getting good press coverage.

But not everywhere. That’s what Le Monde reported, on October 5, 2012. A study of newspapers from several countries showed that in Great Britain and the United States, these global warming sceptics get a lot more column inches than in countries such as Brazil, India, France, and China.

The article, which you can find at this link, uses a number of interesting expressions, so I think I will cover some of them in the next few posts.

For today, I like the French tendency to invent new words by modifying the form of one word and adding it as a prefix to another. The modification usually takes to form of an -o ending, as in climato-sceptique. The -o may either be added to the root word, or replace part of it. In this case, it is added: the root word is le climat, climate.

So in French, les climato-sceptiques appear to be denying the whole idea of climate. But of course that’s not true. No one could pretend there’s no such thing as climate. They are denying something related to climate, that is, global warming.

This is the same way that familiar words like franco-américain, hispano-américain, and indo-européen were formed, along with francophone and anglophone.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


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