…comme un gant à un poisson rouge.

Ça te va comme un gant à un poisson rouge d’être mariée.

saht vah kuh muh gah ah uh pwah-saw ROOZH day-truh maar-yay. Click below to hear this.*

Being married fits you like a glove on a goldfish.

Clearly, this girl should not have gotten married! Her girlfriend is a lot more aware than Céline is, and speaks the truth to Céline.

If your friend were trying on dresses in the fitting room, you might exclaim Ça te va comme un gant! which is That (one) fits you like a glove!. It’s a perfect fit.

But this is exactly the opposite, not a good fit at all. Don’t you love the image? A goldfish wearing gloves: It sounds like something Dr. Seuss would draw. I like the specificity, too. It’s not just any fish, it’s a goldfish, un poisson rouge in French, which is literally a red fish, by the way.

So we start with the expected expression (ça te va comme un gant), then add on the surprise that completely negates it(à un poisson rouge). Finally, we add the explanation of what the original pronoun stands for (d’être mariée). Note that you need a de to introduce that final verb, which must be in the infinitive, not the -ing form as in English.

So there you have it! A witty little formula for saying that something really doesn’t suit another person. Have some fun with it!

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


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