La montagne faisait un à-pic (suite)

La montagne faisait un à-pic (suite)

lah maw-tah-nyuh fuh-zay uh nah-PEEK (sweet). Click below to hear this.*

The mountain made a sheer cliff (continuation).

Un pic can be many things. It can be a peak (as of a mountain), a pick or pickaxe, or a woodpecker. The word is related to apex, which is both a French and an English word, from the Latin. But we were talking about un à-pic, and I left you dangling, didn’t I? (If you missed the beginning of this story, you can catch it here.)

We did what everyone does under the circumstances: we got out and stared at the car. We had changed tires, but never under circumstances like these. To our left, on this very narrow road, La montagne faisait un à-pic, rising straight up. To our right, La montagne faisait un à-pic, dropping straight down. No guard rail. No shoulder. Just down. The flat tire was precariously close to the “down” side. And it was snowing.

Better do this the safe way, we thought. Wheel chocks, car jack, the works. (In our minds, the car was already skidding over the edge.) Only there were no chocks. We found the jack, but no neat little notch to insert it in. No problem, we said. Look! Here’s the user’s manual in the glove compartment. In…Norwegian. And…Japanese. Illustrations? No help. Too tiny to see any detail.

We got the tire changed, and managed not to send the car flying into the abyss. That would have incurred some stiff fees from the rental company, not to mention a long hike down the snowy mountain. We drove down on four tires, got to our hotel, and found…they had finished serving dinner. We went to bed hungry that night!

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:



3 responses to “La montagne faisait un à-pic (suite)

  1. la soeur ainee

    Yikes! But at least there was a spare tire, and it appears there was air in it. Si non, how would you rabibocher THAT?

  2. Quels braves radonneurs! Quelle histoire!

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