Une Récolte exceptionnelle…de carottes sauvages

Une Récolte exceptionnelle…de carottes sauvages

ewn ray-cull teck-sep-see-oh-nell…duh kaa-rut soh-VAHZH. Click below to hear this.*

A bumper crop…of Queen Anne’s Lace

I wasn’t expecting a bumper crop of anything this year. First off, you need to plant veggies and flowers if you want to grow veggies and flowers. And secondly, in this drought, nothing is growing anyway.

So here’s ma récolte exceptionnelle, my exceptional harvest, or bumper crop–unexpected, not entirely welcome, but rather enchanting nonetheless:

It’s Queen Anne’s Lace! In French, des carottes sauvageswild carrots! It springs up in dry conditions, and quickly takes over the yard, crowding out even the most annoying everyday weeds. Somehow, they remind me of the wonderfully unkempt, overrun fields of my grandparents’ summer place, an old house on abandoned farmland. As youngsters, we waded through oceans of daisies and Queen Anne’s Lace on hot August days.

The surprise for me, though, was the carrots. Several years ago, we noticed Isabella the Dog digging and chewing in the back yard. What was she after? It turned out she was digging up the young, tender roots of the Queen Anne’s Lace and eating them. Was that carrot we smelled? It was! We looked it up: Daucus carota, a member of the carrot family. No wonder: our veggie-loving dog had found a buffet of treats under the surface!

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


One response to “Une Récolte exceptionnelle…de carottes sauvages

  1. What a surprise–wild carrots! I planted real carrot seeds in a flower pot, and after at least six weeks I pulled one up. The veggie? Palest suggestion of orange color, about one inch long and a millimeter in diameter. The only odor was that of the soil it was planted in. I think even Isabella couldn’t have detected it.

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