Vous m’en direz des nouvelles!

Vous m’en direz des nouvelles!

voo mah dee-ray day noo-VELL! Click below to hear this.*

You’re gonna love it!

Let’s say you just passed on a great recipe to your friend (as I did yesterday), or the name of a movie you loved, or the book you just finished. Maybe it was rental information for a delightful cabin in the mountains, or the name of your favorite restaurant.

You want to share your enthusiasm for the things you love, right? So you are eager to hear what others think of your recommendation. But this is more than “tell me what you think.” You are eagerly anticipating your friend’s agreement with your judgment!

So you say, Vous m’en direz des nouvelles! Literally, that’s You’re going to tell me news about it! The drama is already playing out in your head: your friend rushes in, embraces you, thanks you profusely for the recommendation, exclaims again and again how right you were, how good it was. You are completely confident that it will happen just this way.

Of course, you can say Tu m’en diras des nouvelles! That depends on how well you know your friend. Or is it a family member?

Sometimes, the future tense can be used, in French or in English, as a command. For example, “You will look me in the eye and tell me exactly what happened.” Vous me direz… But here–though it would be possible to construe it as a command–I think it is far more likely a joyous prediction of future behavior. You just know your friend is going to love it, and will come and tell you so.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


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