Quelles sanctions sont prévues par la loi?

Quelles sanctions sont prévues par la loi?

kell sahk-seeYAW saw pray-vew paar lah lwah? Click below to hear this.*

What sanctions are permitted under the law?

Last post in this series on fraudulent practices in the wine industry! If you are on the Spk Frnch website, just scroll down if you want to read the previous three posts on this topic. Otherwise, click here to go backwards in time.

Here’s one more excerpt from the article in Le Monde that I’ve been citing:

« Selon la section “Tromperie” du chapitre, toute personne ayant trompé un client sur l’origine, l’identité ou la composition du vin peut subir jusqu’à deux ans d’emprisonnement, et une amende de 37 500 euros. Ceux qui falsifient directement les vins ou les mettent en vente sont soumis aux même règles. »

It doesn’t matter whether you personally dropped the sugar into the vat, forged the label, or shipped the cases of falsified wine far and wide to be sold. All are equally guilty, under French law.

A couple of legal terms for you: une sanction is a sanction or punishment. Note that it signifies the opposite of the English verb to sanction, which means to allow or permit. Go figure!

And les sanctions are prévues, which has the same Latin roots as the English provided. Both mean foreseen; in other words, these punishments are seen by the law as possible under the given circumstances. In French, they are prévues par la loi, by the law, not under the law. The law itself prescribes these actions.

And jusqu’à? It normally means until. In this context, it means up to. The judge has some discretion in imposing the sentence.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


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