Le toubib turc qui tourne autour…

Le toubib turc qui tourne autour du tuba turquoise s’est fait tatouer une tulipe sur la tête.

luh too-beeb tewrk kee toor noh-toor dew tew-bah tewr-kwahz say fay taa-tway ewn tew-leep sewr lah TETT. Click below to hear this.*

The Turkish doc who is circling around the turquoise tuba had a tulip tattooed on his head.

Yes, I know. I am evil. This may be the worst tonguetwister I have ever come up with. But if you can master it, you will thank me. And just in case you think it’s easy for me, listen to the audio file. That’s as fast as I can go, on this one.

Un toubib is a slang word for a doctor. It’s originally an Arabic word from Algeria, adopted into French during the days when Algeria was a French colony. That’s a whole separate history lesson; a bloody war was fought over Algerian independence.

Se faire faire quelque chose means to have something done. So le toubib s’est fait tatouer une tulipe means the doc had a tattoo of a tulip made.

The rest of the words are pretty straightforward. I will leave you to practice. Watch out for the ou-u switches. The first is /oo/, and the second (remember to pout!) is /ew/.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:



One response to “Le toubib turc qui tourne autour…

  1. You’re right. That surely is one wicked tongue-twister!

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