La Fête du pain 2012

La Fête du pain 2012

lah fett dew paa duh meel DOOZ. Click below to hear this.*

The Bread Festival 2012

Are you lucky enough to be in Paris this week, May 14-20, 2012? Then you are probably enjoying the week-long Fête du pain. What better cause for celebration than bread?

If you know me or read me, you know that I am passionate about bread. More specifically, about French bread. There is nothing in the world like a good baguette: crisp, chewy, hot, with its yeasty aroma and its crackling crust.

I have been drooling over my keyboard, looking for just the right YouTube video for you, and I found it. It’s about eight minutes, but you won’t mind, because the images are lovely. Watch the bakers’ hands, their deft fingers. Can’t you just feel that silky dough in your own palms? There’s no narration or dialogue here, just music, so everyone can enjoy it. The video is actually a very understated ad for the Boulangerie Victor Hugo on the Isle of Guernsey.

I think I know what’s for dinner tonight. Excuse me, I’m headed for the kitchen. Here’s a link to a previous post of mine about bread. It links to the recipe I’ll be baking from: C’est long comme un jour sans pain.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


One response to “La Fête du pain 2012

  1. I made a mistake in looking at today’s post just before lunchtime. It made me hungry. Now I have to go home and have a sandwich made with “store-boughten” bread. What a let-down after seeing all those mouth-watering goodies! I’m glad you find so much joy in baking bread.

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