Il vous a viré?

Il vous a viré?

eel voo zah vee-RAY? Click below to hear this.*

Did he fire you?

Speaking of moving on in a different direction (we were doing that, yesterday) here’s another phrase from La Délicatesse on that subject.

What…you don’t think getting fired is about moving on? Wait and see.

First of all, no one gets fired in the movie. But there is a very comical sequence where Markus is called to appear before the boss, pretty much exclusively because the boss has no idea who Markus is or what he does. And the the boss can’t stand the idea that Nathalie may be seeing someone better than himself.

The sexy secretary plays a role here, telling Markus to go on in, the boss is expecting him. Essentially, the boss takes one look at Markus and dismisses him. (I’m skipping some details. Really, you have to find this movie and see it for yourself.) As Markus leaves, looking understandably a bit bewildered, the secretary asks him, Il vous a viré?

The official word for firing someone is licencier. But, as in English, there are plenty of slang words. This one, virer, also means to turn, as when driving a car. Vous virez à gauche, puis à droite. Or VIRAGE DANGEREUX.

So when you are viré, you are turned away from your job. And who is to say that this doesn’t sometimes lead you on a new path, perhaps better?

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:



2 responses to “Il vous a viré?

  1. la soeur ainee

    Now that we’re all excited about this movie, where do we go to see it, if we live halfway between noplace and nowhere? Netflix seems to be going to have it at some indefinite time in the future. I’ve put La Delicatesse into our lineup, so here’s hoping.

    • Jean, for you and others who have asked, the movie La Délicatesse is for sale on Amazon. They also sell the English translation of the novel, as well as the original French version. But I haven’t yet figured out if they will allow me to purchase the French novel in the Kindle version. The price is in € and it doesn’t show on the US site.

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