Il me fait la nique, mon ordi.

Il me fait la nique, mon ordi.

eel muh fay lah neek, maw nor-DEE. Click below to hear this.*

My computer is thumbing its nose at me.

Yes, that ordi is my computer, my ordinateur. And it doesn’t like me. It’s staging a slowdown: Three times as long to load the emails, four times as long to load a webpage, frequent sit-down strikes. I’m going to have to take disciplinary action.

Faire la nique à a person means to scoff at, to mock, to make fun of, or to make a rude gesture at . The nature of the gesture differs from one culture to another and over time, and there is not even necessarily any gesture at all involved when il me fait la nique. He may be laughing at me, writing sarcastic tweets about me, or acting in bold defiance of my wishes.

Actually, the etymology suggests that the word nique is an onomatopoeia dating back to Gallo-Roman times, so there should be a sound involved. But what sound that would be, I can’t guess.

So I will take mon ordi for a session of attitude adjustment, to be administered by the Geek Squad. Fortunately I still have my BlackBerry. Il m’a fait la nique the other day–it crashed, so I never got my Spk Frnch post written, for which I apologize on behalf of my uncooperative BlackBerry. I believe it has seen the error of its ways now, however.

Check out this post for another example of this expression.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:


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