Arrête de froncer les sourcils!

Arrête de froncer les sourcils!

aa-rett duh fraw-say lay soor-SEE! Click below to hear this.*

Stop frowning!

If you want to read about les sourcils, go back to this post from the other day. I have other things I want to talk about today.

Did you know that this French verb originates from sewing vocabulary? Well, it does. Froncer means to pleat, or to gather up with a sewing needle into folds. (Did you also know that pleat comes from the French word for to foldplier?)

And where did froncer originate? That’s from an ancient Frankish word, hrunkja, which meant wrinkle. (I know, it sounds more like the name of a tractor or a fake-Scandinavian ice cream.)

When you frown, you “pleat” your eyebrows, or wrinkle them. (In English, you can also “knit” your brows.) Remember how your mother (or the kids on the playground) used to tell you if you made faces, your face would stick that way? Actually, they were right. If you frown a lot, you will have frown lines, or wrinkles, between your eyebrows. Trust me on this one. Since wrinkles are inevitable, you may as well exercise some choice as to where they locate. Smile. You will have wrinkles you don’t feel self-conscious about, and everyone will see you as a happy person.

*Some mobile phones, such as Blackberries, won’t display the audio player. If no player appears, here’s an alternative link to the audio file:



One response to “Arrête de froncer les sourcils!

  1. The connection with sewing is interesting and delightful.

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