Noël des enfants du monde

Noël des enfants du monde

no-ell day zah-fah dew MAW-duh. Click below to hear this.

The Christmas Carol of the Children of the World

Are the gifts all wrapped? Tree decorated? Tomorrow’s feast planned? Stockings hung?

Then take a moment to listen to this lovely contemporary Christmas carol from France. The French words are superimposed on the YouTube video, but here are the words in English:

Children of Palestine
Or children of Israel,
From America or China,
This Christmas Day,
Whether your eyes look
On the earth or the heavens,
Just remember one thing:
We must believe in Christmas.
A day will come, perhaps,
A day that tastes like honey
When we will see
A bird appearing in the sky,
An eternal bird,
A dove for the earth,
A Christmas bird.

To me, the song means that the peace, love, joy, and hope that we celebrate at Christmas are universal values that the world needs and that we can all believe in. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday in this season, I hope you will resolve to live the spirit of


In case the YouTube doesn’t work on your mobile device, here’s another link to the video:


One response to “Noël des enfants du monde

  1. Simply Beautiful – tout simplement magnifique :-)

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