Quel temps parfait pour flâner!

Quel temps parfait pour flâner!

kell tah paar-fay poor flah-NAY! Click below to hear this.

What perfect weather for loafing!

This is not lie-in-the-hammock loafing. It’s not couch-potato loafing. It’s not even bread-baking loafing, which is more of a pun than an actual thing to do. This is very specific loafing.

Let’s say you’re in Paris. (Sounds good already, right?) Let’s say you’re sipping your morning coffee or tea in your hotel room, and the warm sun is streaming through the window. Open the window; a gentle breeze puffs at the curtains. This is your cue to exclaim:

Throw on your jeans and a light sweater, slip on your favorite walking shoes, grab a colorful scarf to drape around your neck (don’t you look elegant!).

Now head out for the banks of the Seine. It doesn’t matter where–it’s all good–but the bouquinistes booksellers) on the Ile de la Cité are a good place to start. You can stroll along the stalls, fingering a binding here, turning a few pages there, admiring an antique print. That’s flâner.

It’s still beautiful, so walk a little farther and look at the river. See how the sun glints on the ripples? Oh, here comes a boat; wave to the passengers. You’re still en train de flâner.

Lunchtime? Take your time. Order
un petit rouge (a little glass of red), a sandwich, un café, another. There’s no rush. Sit back and watch the people go by…the tall thin woman in high heels walking a tiny dog, the old man bent over his cane, the young couple laughing and looking into each other’s eyes. You have no cares. It’s sunny, you’re in Paris, and you feel at peace. Now that’s flâner.


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