Cette épreuve est pleine de coquilles.

Cette épreuve est pleine de coquilles.

say tay-pruh vay plenn duh ko-KEE-yuh. Click below to hear this.

This proof is full of typos.

And I will find them. I will hunt them down relentlessly, and correct them. (That’s corriger in French.)

Une épreuve is what you call a document that has been printed but is not yet ready for distribution. In fact, une épreuve is usually littered with errors. But une coquille is not just any error. It’s the kind of mistake that happens when your finger hits the wrong key, like tnis.

The funny thing is that une coquille is a shell: part of a clam, a snail, A coquille St-Jacques….

Don’t ask me how we get from coquilles to…um…coquilles. I have no idea. But I plan to worry about it some other day. I have to go kill some coquilles.

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