Je fais de la traduction.

Je fais de la traduction.

zhuh faid lah trah-dewk-seeYAW. Click below to hear this.

I’m doing translation.

That’s my job today: Translation, and lots of it. So I will keep this short!

In English, translationcomes from Latin words meaning to carry across…from one language to another, of course. In French, the word is traduction. It’s also from Latin, but it means to lead across.

What’s the difference, you may ask?

Well, you can’t just carry the words from one language to another by brute force. You have to tease them, coax them. Words don’t correspond to other words, they correspond to ideas, so you have to weigh your options. Which synonym is closest in meaning to the original word? How can I make this sound as if it was originally written in the target language (the one you are translating into)? How must I turn this sentence around so the grammar works in the target language?

And all that is why I need to get back to my task for the day: traduire (to translate) as much as I can get through.

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