Lily lit le livre dans le lit.

Lily lit le livre dans le lit.

lee-lee lee luh lee-vruh dah luh lee. Click below to hear this.

Lily is reading the book in bed.

It may be nothing more than a tonguetwister, and not such a hard one at that, but somehow this evokes childhood memories for me.

I had a flashlight, a child-sized one with a scratched-up copper-colored case, the old-fashioned kind that had lightbulbs that burned out and batteries that died. After my official bedtime, I read books under the covers, by the light of my flashlight. My parents told me I would ruin my eyes. (I was very nearsighted to begin with, so I doubt that my flashlight was to blame for the glasses I wear to this day.)

Anyway, I don’t remember what I read, but I’m sure Lily has a good livre picked out. Be sure to pronounce all those /l/ sounds lightly. Pretend the roof of your mouth is very hot, and touch only the tip of your tongue to the back of your front upper teeth. Pull it back quickly, before you burn your tongue!

And go ahead and read under the covers if you want. Lily won’t mind, though I can’t speak for your spouse or your teddy bear.


2 responses to “Lily lit le livre dans le lit.

  1. At this llate date you confess! I forgive you anyway.
    Love, Maman

  2. I love the response from your mom :-)

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