Les marrons sont marrants!

Les marrons sont marrants!

lay maa-raw saw maa-rah! Click below to hear this!

Chestnuts are funny!

Why funny? Well, for one thing, you have to watch how you pronounce them, or you will end up saying funny, which is marrant in French. (At least that’s one word for it.) So watch your /aw/ (spelled on) and your /ah/ (spelled an or en). The consonants that follow don’t count, because they’re not pronounced.

But funny also because there are really two words for chestnut. The other word is la châtaigne. It seems that there are numerous varieties. Some marrons are toxic, but the edible ones are a variety of châtaignes called…marrons, which can be roasted, boiled, candied, or even eaten raw. The poisonous ones can be somehow turned into medicinal substances, but you wouldn’t recognize them once the researchers finish with them.

Like mushrooms, if they are sold for eating, they are fine, unless you are buying them from someone who wants you dead. Marrons like those would not be marrants. In that case, you should employ a taster, as kings and gangsters are reputed to do, before you partake.


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