Que du bon!

Que du bon!

kuh dew baw! Click below to hear this.

It’s all good!

That’s what I read the other day in a French blog by a woman named Olavia. She was talking about chestnuts. (You can read her at this link.) She mentioned their delicious taste, and the wonderful aroma emanating from sidewalk roasters in the crisp fall air. She also told us how healthful chestnuts are. Who knew?

So let us echo Olavia and say, Que du bon! It’s short for Il n’y a que du bon aux châtaignes! Which is to say, There’s nothing but good in chestnuts! Have you tried them roasted with root vegetables, in a little hazelnut oil and a few sprigs of rosemary? Que du bon!

Tomorrow, still inspired by Olavia: châtaignes or marrons? The chestnut, demystified.


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