Faute d’attention, il a raté son examen.

Faute d’attention, il a raté son examen.

foat daa-tah-seeYAW, ee lah raa-tay saw negg-zaa-MAA. Click below to hear this.

For lack of attention, he flunked his exam.

Maybe he doesn’t read instructions. Maybe he added instead of multiplying. Maybe he confused World War I with World War II, or maybe he just forgot how to use an apostrophe. He wasn’t paying attention.

Faute d’attention means for lack of attention. Une faute is an error, especially the kind committed by omission, where failure to do something is involved. (Une faute d’orthographe is a spelling error, where the correct spelling is lacking.)

So you can also say une faute d’inattention. That’s the result of a lack of attention: Faute d’attention, elle a commis des fautes d’inattention. That’s what we usually call “careless mistakes.”

Too many of these, and you may rater l’examen. That can mean flunk or fail a test. It can also mean to miss (a train, a date, an appointment, an opportunity). So faites attention!


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