Tu as la bougeotte, toi!

Tu as la bougeotte, toi!

tew ah lah boo-ZHUTT, twah! Click below to hear this.

You are so squirmy!

Bouger, to move. Not move to a new house (déménager), not put the vase on a different shelf (déplacer), but just move. Wiggle, squirm. Can’t sit still. That’s la bougeotte.

The English word budge comes directly from the French bouger. He won’t budge is rendered in French with Il refuse de bouger, That happens a lot in Congressional discussions of budgets, but that word is unrelated.

Believe it or not, budget comes from a Middle French word bouge, a leather pouch or purse, via some corrupted Latin and some Gallic words meaning belly, or something that bulges. See how convoluted word origins can be? And then the French borrowed back their own word from the English: that’s right, the budget is le budget.

Does all this make you squirm? Then tu as la bougeotte.


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