Il fait noir dans la cage d’escalier.

Il fait noir dans la cage d’escalier.

eel fay nwaar dah lah kahzh day-skah-leeYAY. Click below to hear this.

It’s dark in the stairwell.

Many weather expressions use faire instead of être, and being dark,while not exactly the weather, is no exception. Il fait noir is the standard way to say it’s dark, as long as you are talking about the quantity of light inside or outside, rather than a color.

Whether it’s built with solid walls like a well or railings and bars like a cage, dim and closed-in or well-lit and airy, it’s still a stairwell in English and a cage d’escalier in French.

In France, you can light your way in the cage d’escalier with the minuterie. It’s a light switch on a timer, and it usually turns off before you reach your floor, especially if you are carrying groceries up to the cinquième. You’ll have to keep pushing the button every floor or two to force the light to stay on. Il fait noir dans la cage d’escalier!


2 responses to “Il fait noir dans la cage d’escalier.

  1. Jacklyn Wilkinson

    I’m living in Bordeaux right now and in my apartment building the lights in the stairwells/hallways have motion sensors so there’s no need to press any buttons :)

    • I was thinking about that after I posted. Commercial buildings everywhere here are replacing light switches with motion sensor controls. More economical and more eco-friendly. I’m sure the same is taking place all over! But no more old-world charm…. :-) Thanks for subscribing, Jacklyn!

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