Et moi itou.

Et moi itou.

ay mwah ee-TOO. Click below to hear this.

Me too.

The first time I heard this, I thought it was du franglais–you know, a mixture of French and English. Moi itou sounds so much like me too! And my second thought–dont ask me why–was that this was French baby talk.

I was wrong! Not at all a new invention, itou is actually an Old French word, itel meaning same or likewise.

In some dialects of Old French, the final l faded off into an /oo/ sound, and then the /ay/ sound tended to get swallowed up as well. So itel and itou are really the same word.

You can still say et moi aussi–there’s nothing wrong with that!–but moi itou is more fun, don’t you think?


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