Mon mari promène la chienne.

Mon mari promène la chienne.

maw maa-ree pro-men lah shee-ENN. Click below to hear this.

My husband is walking the dog.

Se promener means to take a walk. That’s what you and I do: Je me promène. But suppose you don’t go under your own power? What if your people submit you to the indignity of a leash and make you walk when they want to go?

That’s when we say Mon mari promène la chienne. Our dog is a female, so she is la chienne, which makes a rhyme with promène.

We may have la chienne la plus bizarre du monde (the strangest dog on earth). She doesn’t bring us her leash when she wants to go out. She doesn’t whine, scratch at the door, bark, or paw at our knees. She just waits for us to notice, and when we grab her leash (sa laisse) she runs away from us. If there aren’t two of us to cut her off at the pass, we have to build a blockade with tipped-over chairs.

Anyway, enough random thoughts on dogs! Enjoy your weekend. It’s fall in Chicago, the most beautiful season of the year!


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