Je travaille comme un galérien.

Je travaille comme un galérien.

zhuh trah-vah-yuh kuh muh gaa-lay-ree-AA. Click below to hear this.

I’m working like a dog.

Yes, some dogs work! Not mine, of course. She thinks she is the queen, and queens are generally exempt.

But in French, I am working like a galley-slave. Not the galley like on a ship, which is the kitchen, but the ship itself, from Roman times (une galerie). I am chained to my oars, and rowing like mad.

Note, by the way, that even though I am female, the galérien remains in the masculine.

Well, happily, there are no more Roman galleys, and I’m not rowing. But I am trying to keep my ship afloat this week and next, with extra work assignments. So don’t be surprised if Spk Frnch posts late on some days! I’ll get it posted, one way or another. Merci!

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