Il a le melon déplumé.

Il a le melon déplumé.

ee lahl muh-law day-plew-MAY. Click below to hear this.

He’s bald.

Actually, there is a “proper” way to say this: Il est chauve.” But isn’t it more fun to say that His melon is defeathered”?

That’s what the French means, literally.

Of course we all know that neither melons nor people have feathers, but that never stopped an idiom or slang expression from taking hold. The odder, the better!

And another thing that’s odd about this expression: déplumé clearly means plucked like a chicken in this expression. Yet that childhood favorite song Alouette, gentille alouette threatens the bird (alouette, a lark) with Je te plumeraiI will pluck you.

So both déplumer and plumer mean to pluck. Where does that leave us when we want to glue the feathers back on? We have no word for that!

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