C’est un vrai moulin à paroles, cette dame!

C’est un vrai moulin à paroles, cette dame!

say uh vray moo-laa ah paa-RULL, set dahm! Click below to hear this.

She’ll talk your ear off, that woman!

You’ve heard of windmills and papermills and pepper mills, but what about a word mill? That’s what this woman is. She’s a real word mill, that woman!

It’s hard to tell how the machine works: is it the words that drive her, or something in her that drives the words? I wish my sister would illustrate this moulin à paroles for me. I picture all rotating arms and flying words. Duck, they’re attacking! This lady is not the one you want to get stuck with at a party, believe me.

If you are a novice in French, here are a couple of things to notice. Even the moulin à paroles is a woman, le moulin keeps its masculine gender.

And notice that the sentence begins with c’est, not elle est. The rules on this are a little complicated, so let’s just say that you use c’est when what follows is a noun, especially a noun modified by an adjective. That’s just a rule of thumb, however, so expect exceptions!

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