Cet ordi de malheur ne marche plus!

Cet ordi de malheur ne marche plus!

set tor-deed maa-luhr nuh maarsh PLEW. Click below to hear this.

This miserable computer doesn’t work any more!

What’s un ordi?

That’s short for un ordinateur, a computer. The name makes sense, because the job of un ordi is to put things in order, like ordinal numbers. If you don’t get all those zeros and ones in the right place, nothing will work right and your text will be gobbledygook!

And if your ordi repeatedly has problems, you will be frustrated and upset. You will feel as if your computer is responsible for all the misery and unhappiness ( le malheur) in your personal world. So you bad-mouth your computer by calling it cet ordi de malheur.

And remember that when something doesn’t work, you say ça ne marche pas (it doesn’t “walk”) . Travailler, to work, is something that people do, not machines.

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