Un aller-retour pour Bruxelles, svp.

Un aller-retour pour Bruxelles, s’il vous plaît.

uh naa-lay ruh-toor poor brew-SELL, seel voo play. Click below to hear this.

One round-trip ticket to Brussels, please.

You may never have to say this, since so many tickets are bought online these days. But who knows? You may find yourself somewhere in Europe, longing to see the magnificent Grand’Place in Brussels,

and this would be one way to get there.

You don’t have to specify ticket in the French; un aller-retour IS a ticket, whether plane, train, or bus. Literally, it’s a going-returning. Why make up extra words when the ones you have will do perfectly well?

And instead of buying a ticket to a place, you buy it pour, or for, a place.

If you do visit Bruxelles, be sure to see la forêt de Soignes, the remnant of a vast and ancient beech forest just outside the city. In the spring, the forest floor may be carpeted with wild bluebells, called jacinthes des bois in French.

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