Je suis lessivée.

Je suis lessivée.

shwee less-see-VAY. Click below to hear this.

I’m wiped.

Faire la lessive means to do the laundry. Remember the days of washboards and washtubs? Or beating the clothes on the rocks by the riverside? No, of course you don’t (well, Maman remembers washtubs). Me neither. But it must have been exhausting! And how do you imagine the clothes felt, after all that manhandling?

So that’s how Je suis lessivé(e) comes to mean I’m wiped, I’m exhausted, I’m wrung out, I’m tuckered out.

Actually, I’m not. I’m mellow. We had a great day with our grandkids, and now (as I write) they are asleep, and we are feeling quite happy. But this sofa does feel good.


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