Et patati et patata…

Et patati et patata…

ay pah-tah-tee ay pah-tah-tah. Click below to hear this.

Yada yada yada.

Of course, both of these just mean blah, blah, blah, or etc., etc., etc. But the former is too…well…blah, and the latter is too easy to trip over, resulting in a tonguetwister where you didn’t intend one. Besides, it’s too many syllables.

Interestingly, both yada yada yada and et patati et patata do a nice job of capturing the patter of conversation while leaving out the content, which is precisely the point. Both are used at the end of a sentence to indicate that there’s more, but it’s too boring to repeat, or irrelevant, or otherwise useless.

And both are fun to say. Practice et patati et patata until it rolls trippingly off your tongue. You will sound confident and suitably world-weary. Cool, in other words.


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