Après la vente de la compagnie, les prix ont dégringolé.

Après la vente de la compagnie, les prix ont dégringolé.

aa-pray lah vaht duh lah kaw-paa-nyee, lay pree aw day-graa-go-LAY. Click below to hear this.

After the sale of the company, prices tumbled dramatically.

Such a fun word to say! Dégringoler. It just tumbles out of your mouth, doesn’t it? It means to fall precipitously. Actually, it comes from a Middle Dutch word for hill, so you could think of dégringoler as to un-hill…sort of!

If you toss a stone down a steep hill, it will dégringoler. If you throw a stone over a cliff, that’s not dégringoler. That’s plonger, which is the same word that you use for dive. Dégringoler usually involves a bumpy ride down, thumping and rolling head over heels on your way.

It’s not just people and stones that can dégringoler. It’s also the bad guys’ car in an action movie, stock market prices, your grades if you cut all your classes and blow off your homework, a person’s state of health, the popularity of a public figure.

Of course, even though it’s fun to say, it’s not nearly as much fun to do. Remember the sad fate of Jack and Jill, and try to avoid it.


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